Food Security Policy


• Produce secure food and protect customer health
• Centralize our customers, consumers, employees and the public opinion in our endeavours.
• Comply with all laws, regulations and other obligations regarding our products and premises.
• Avoid pollution, reduce the wastes as much as possible at their sources or recycle them.
• Train our personnel and increase their awareness about these basic values.
• Continuously enhance and develop our performance with activity plans formed during the procedure of annual planning.
• Control dangers determined as a result of accidents or routines and execute permanent changes in order to avoid them.
• Forward our requirements to our providers and subcontractors.
• Share this policy with our employees, people who work for East Balt and the public opinion.
• Protect our premises, personnel, trademark and customers within the context of "Premises and Food Security"



Social Responsibility Policy


East Balt Gida undertakes to be among the pioneer companies that execute and defend national and international Social Responsibility applications.

1. Comply with all legal obligations and industrial standards in Social Responsibility applications and develop the system in order to reach further stages.

2. Demand the providers and business partners to apply and defend same values besides encouraging and inspecting their development in this subject.

3. During employments and endeavours, respect the rights and freedoms of the employers, avoid discrimination of race, colour, language, sex, age. Avoid employment of children. Meet all of the legal requirements and limits concerning working hours and payments.

4. Meeting and developing all legal requirements and industrial standards concerning work environment, labour health and work safety.

These are fundamental principles of Social Responsibility Policy of East Balt Gida.

Providing all sources necessary for execution of this policy and complying with this policy is the responsibility of each EAST BALT GIDA manager and employer starting from the General Manager and part of their employment contract.



Human Resources Policy


Our target as the East Balt Gida Human Resources Department is to have an important role in our aim of being the best company in employment, development of our employees and keeping them in the company. For that reason, we shall have to ensure that our managers and employees have the necessary ability of behaviour, source and leadership in order to reach their utmost potentials.


We will support the establishment and the East Balt employees all over the world in succeeding via Individual Development Plan, Performance Management, Personnel Employment and Backup Plan. By keeping them at work, awarding, ethics, variety/work environment and personnel communication, we will contribute to establishment and encouragement of a productive work environment.


According to the interests and abilities of our employees, we undertake to plan, execute and inspect the below mentioned process of Human Resources function in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules.


• Employment and Settlement
• Training and Development
• Performance Management
• Organisational Development
• Payment and Vested Benefits
• Industrial Relations and Factory Management